How to deal with job rejections

“We appreciate your interest. We carefully considered your application and chose to seek other candidates that are a better match for the job requirements.”

During our employment search, these messages are commonly received, which were hurtful and difficult to process. It should not impact our confidence, no matter how many times we hear it.

So, what are our choices available? Let’s look at how we can deal with these messages and get past our rejections:

  • Make strategy: Pose a question to yourself. What should I look for in this role if I were an interviewer? Simply jot down all of the ideas that come to mind, and then assess them with your current abilities. You would be able to see how you can bridge that gap. Assess what abilities are required for this profession, and then begin learning those additional skills to enhance your confidence and increase your chances of standing out from the crowd.
  • Discuss with the one already on the role: You can certainly approach people who are already employed in the same field. You may find out more about the position and share your experiences. This will help you to fully comprehend what you can do better in your future interview. You can also talk about what your interview questions were and how you answered them. You might receive tips on how to improve your response for the next time.
  • Apply continuously: Rejections should not be taken personally, and they should not impair your confidence. Apply for as many positions as you can that are relevant to your professional experience. If you received feedback from previous interviews, work on it. Take advantage of this opportunity to review previous interviews and prepare for the next one.

Job rejections are difficult, but you must keep your head up and maintain a good attitude and mindset. Believe in your dreams; achievement may be delayed, but if you are committed to your goals, you will achieve them.

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