An empowering community of support, vulnerability, openness, and mutual trust.

We support internationally trained talents and international students as they navigate their journey through the labour market. Search for career opportunities and get access to job search tools, career development resources and a thriving community of immigrants.



Our events are designed to help you overcome barriers to active participation in Canadian society and labor market. Through a series of workshops facilitated by experienced professionals, you will develop the skills and confidence to achieve your goals.

Career Information Session

What’s the best way to get your foot in the door? Interacting with companies is crucial to a successful job search. We connect you with recruiters and hiring managers directly so you can meet them face-to-face, rather than just applying online with no replies.


Mentorship is a powerful tool to help you reach your career goals. Attend our mentorship sessions to meet industry leaders and get a head start in your career and in life.


Freshstart is a podcast that explores the stories, experiences, and journeys of real people in order to provide newcomers with strategies for success.


The blog contains useful resources for your job search and beyond. We’ve got you covered with all the guides, how-to’s, tips, and tricks you’ll need to succeed in your career.

Tools & Templates

Check out our tried-and-true job-winning tools. We’ve compiled ATS-friendly resumes, cover letters, common interview questions, and other resources to help you along your career path. The best part? they’re all FREE!

Career Accelerator Bootcamp

It is stressful and nerve-racking to interview for a job or seek advancement at work. Being turned down for a role you really want is never fun, and it can seriously undermine your self-esteem. We want to help you land your dream job by teaching you the entire job search strategy from end to end FREE of charge.

The Freshstart Fund

One of the challenges internationally-trained professionals face is their inability to practice in their professions because of hindrances in licensing and accreditation. This leads to underemployment which demoralizes ambitious newcomers and limits their potential to significantly contribute to the Canadian economy as upwardly mobile middle-class professionals. The Fresh Start fund would support select newcomers & immigrants struggling to pay for certifications.


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