Today’s Approach to Virtual Coffee Chat

In the year 2019, the unwelcome phrase “lockdown” invaded our lives and significantly altered our routines. For a while, our social gatherings, informal encounters with friends, events, and pleasant outings with coworkers came to a halt. But, as someone once said, the show must go on, and so did we…!! We changed our lives and adopted a new way of life. Our living rooms became offices, and formal meetings and social events began to take place online. We’ve all gone virtual, and our modest coffee chats have morphed into virtual coffee chats as well.

We all assume that if an unknown person approaches us for a coffee discussion, it is because they are looking for work. No.!! Time has evolved.  Friends, colleagues, families, and anyone who want to expand their network by connecting others and learning from each other can join coffee chats. Now we have limited physical connections with each other, therefore this is the perfect approach to set up a coffee chat to share ideas and learn more about each other.

Let’s talk about how we can use virtual coffee talks in today’s world:

  • Virtual Coffee Breaks with Colleagues :

For the most part, “WFH” is a manner of working these days. Because our meetings are held online, you don’t have the opportunity to interact with your coworkers as much as you used to. Having 15–20 minute video conversations where you can see each other, introduce your family members, exhibit your homework environment, exchange your opinions, and chit chat about your activities you do from home can be a fantastic idea. Virtual meetups are a wonderful way to start new relationships or show that you care about those you already have.

It has certain benefits

  • It helps build up connections with your colleagues
  • Increase trust and confidence
  • It can be done as a team building activity within teams
  • Increase your connections by Virtual meetups:

Coffee talks are a popular way for new immigrants, students, and anyone who want to learn from industry experts and build their network and connections to learn more about employment and gain vital insights. Don’t be afraid to approach them and request coffee conversations. Make certain to explain why you’d like to invite the person for a coffee chat. It ensures that everyone in the meeting is on the same page. Prepare your questions ahead of time, as well as your elevator pitch. Make sure you’re the first one to log in and that you’re in a quiet location. Once the meeting is ended, it is also necessary to send the recipient a thank you message.

These coffee chats would help you

  • Make genuine connections and build trust
  • Gives you an opportunity to learn from the person
  • To build your network

Be conscious of being in a peaceful spot, testing your video and audio, locating yourself in a comfortable place, and paying attention to your background, lights, and surroundings for all of your coffee talks. Let us make the most of this new normal and continue to expand our networks and engage with friends and colleagues.

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