Career Accelerator Bootcamp

This bootcamp covers the entire job search strategy from end to end.

Where past attendees now work

This bootcamp is for you if any of the statements below applies to you

You are not getting hired because you don’t have Canadian work experience.
You were rejected because recruiters/hiring managers told you that you lack the necessary experience.
You are underemployed and underutilized.
Your international work experience is not recognized by employers.
Your foreign credentials are not recognized.
You have had the same job title or salary for over 2 years.
You want to be promoted
You want to switch your career to another industry/role


The end-to-end job search strategy you need

A comprehensive career program to help you land a job you love that pays you well. Participants of the bootcamp will walk away with:

Outstanding Results

We are committed to helping you find your dream job. Not just “any” work, but one you genuinely enjoy — whether you want to earn significantly more money, live a more flexible lifestyle, or completely reinvent yourself.

Industry Leaders

Common interview questions and hiring strategies are shared by real hiring managers. At the bootcamp, you’ll learn what they say behind closed doors regarding resumes, applications, interviewing, negotiating, and more.

Extensive Scripts

There are over ten videos and bonus guides that will walk you through every step of finding and landing the job of your dreams.

Realtime Transformations

After a live role-play, observe how participants transform before and after receiving direct feedback from facilitators.

Word for Word Templates

Proven negotiation scripts, informational interview request email templates, and coffee chat questions are provided to all bootcamp participants. Our templates, spreadsheets and tools cover everything you need and is always updated

ATS-Friendly Resumes & Cover Letters

You will be provided most recent ATS-friendly resumes, cover letters and portfolios that lead to landing well paying jobs you love.

Accountability Group

Attending the bootcamp, would help you remain accountable to other participants after the bootcamp. It would keep you on track and unstuck. Nothing about this bootcamp is cookie cutter because the facilitators are industry leaders with proven results. We are introducing office hours where past participants can ask questions and get additional support they need to land their dream job.

The Network

The Freshstart Hub Free Career Accelerator Bootcamp is built to work in all situations. If you are an internationally trained professional, international student, underqualified, underpaid, unemployed, underemployed, a job hopper, ready to switch industries, and more, immediately expand your network by joining a supportive community built on helping each other. You will be exposed to great information, industry leaders, and peers who genuinely want to see you succeed

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