Izundu Epunem

Business Analyst

About Candidate

Senior Business Analyst with several years of experience in solution-driven projects, process innovation, and improvement. Successfully implemented business and process solutions in various sectors, including engineering, hospitality, logistics services, oil and gas and IT systems. Led cross-functional teams and achieved notable successes, such as increasing productivity and revenue for a big -pharma player while cutting production losses by 10%. Equipped with the project management and process innovation skills required to drive profitable outcomes for future projects.




Graduate Certificate - Business Analytics

Seneca College, ON, Canada

Analytics case studies, Ethics and Security, Data Visualization, Sentiment Analysis, and Project Management. Strategic Leadership, Data Preparation/Handling, Applied Data Mining,


Process Quality Engineering

Conestoga College, Kitchener, ON

Operations Management, Lean Six Sigma, Applied statistics, Managing Improvement Projects, Structured Quality Planning, Reliability Methods, Data analytics for Quality


B.Sc Chemical Engineering

Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Work & Experience


Business Analyst

January 1, 2023
ExpertEdge Consulting Group (ECG)

• Coordinated an enterprise process re-engineering project to deliver within budget, restructuring process flow in a reservation management system, resulting in streamlined service delivery and a 90% reduction in paperwork. • Gather requirements from production and business stakeholders to conduct data wrangling and outline the necessary steps to establish the data analytics team's capabilities to address these requirements. • Conduct requirements elicitation sessions including requirement analysis, solution assessment, validation, use cases, and interface/functionality mock-ups for a proprietary software application. • Collaborate with developers to automate manual processes, resulting in time and cost savings and reduced errors in service delivery. The project was acknowledged as a key factor behind a 25% boost in revenues during that fiscal year. • Perform quality assurance, system integration, and user acceptance testing for mainstream implementations of enterprise solutions. • Serve as the liaison between the client, business, and development teams to ensure alignment of goals and participate in the documentation of client requirements. • Actively monitor and evaluate processes to determine pain points and advise on resource allocation which ultimately resulted in 90% increase in client satisfaction. • Convert elicited stakeholder requirements into several tangible project deliverables, such as functional specifications, use cases, user stories, workflow/process diagrams, and data flow/data model diagrams, ensuring that all aspects of the project were adequately documented and communicated.


Business Process Analyst

March 1, 2017 - April 1, 2021
Unicane Bioethanol Industries

• Operational Analysis and Improvement: based on the elicited stakeholder requirements, analyzed process operations for inefficiencies, facilitated root cause analysis workshops to identify and enhance efficiency by 25% and cut waste by 10%. • Technical Operation and Oversight: Supervise the operation of equipment on the SCADA system, using programmable logic controllers PLC, to maintain vital process parameters and optimal output. • Conducted extensive research into industrial unit operations within bioethanol refining, serving as the basis for strategic process enhancements. • Managed a 7-member team, incorporating policy compliance, necessary training and operations scheduling. • Participated in developing the pre-commissioning test cases, audits and inspection of a new product line creating work plans and analyses for successful launch, which added a substantial 20% boost in output capacity. • Partnered with technical stakeholders and SMEs to review SCADA System SOPs and equipment guides. • Demonstrated proficiency in strategic planning, data analysis, and effective utilization of tools like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio to consistently drive process improvement and deliver superior project outcomes. • Quality Assurance: Collaborated with the Quality team to define QA test cases, and UAT criteria and conducted regular user acceptance tests to maintain process optimal levels.


Operations Architect

November 1, 2014 - February 1, 2017
Bow-Tie Logistics

• Constructed process flows and cross-functional flows to illustrate the current state of activities and processes. Identified inefficiencies and gaps in processes and created future state process diagrams to outline changes necessary to achieve 20% optimization in performance. • Documented user and system requirements, business rules, and policies in a comprehensive Business Requirements Document (BRD). • Conducted walk-through sessions with stakeholders, subject matter experts (SMEs), and technical groups to validate requirements and manage changes to documents and deliverables, maintaining document versioning and logging all changes and authorizations in a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). • Oversaw logistics, budget administration, client relations, and the performance of hired support services, ensuring 90% compliance to operational standards, and stakeholder specifications. • Conducted toolbox meetings, pre-job hazards, safety assessments, and implemented the Permit-to-work (PTW) system to ensure adherence to industry safety standards. • Conducted routine inventories, audits, and updates to operation/maintenance logs, participated in daily base activities, Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) meetings, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)/Job Safety Analysis (JSA), and operation reports to maintain operational efficiency

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