Landing Your Dream Job as an International Student

Canada is a global education hub that attracts undergraduate and graduate students from all around the world. Ultimately, each and everyone of them desire to land a profitable job that they are indeed proud of and enjoy.

As international students, we understand that without previous work experience or “Canadian” work experience it is challenging to get into the job market.

In this interactive session, the mentor will share his experience as an international student navigating the workforce and landing his dream job.

Share roadblocks and lessons learnt along the way to empower attendees with necessary tips and tricks

Event Objective

  • Boost confidence levels during your job search
  • Research your preferred job industry
  • Build your network
  • Leverage career advancement resources provided by school

Target Audience

  • International students
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Event Schedule Details

  • March 17, 2022 6:00 pm   -   7:30 pm
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