Technical Business Analyst / Instructor

About Candidate

• 6 years hands-on experience in business analysis, cultivating strategic relationships and framing solutions that meet stakeholders’ business needs with a strong knowledge of project and software development methodologies
• Led and coordinated a team of 5 that used an agile methodology to execute a $2M USD audio-visual project for a $100M USD African Development Centre by Microsoft Corporation in Lagos, Nigeria.
• Effective analysis of business processes, requirements gathering as well as designing process flow diagrams that helped toreduce general cost from risks by 90%
• Identify weaknesses in marketing structures and made recommendations that has increased customer base and retention as well as improved efficiency and revenue generationusing models like the GAP analysis, prototyping and documenting business requirement.
• Implemented a strategic marketing plan, resulting in the formation of a value-added network and a $85k USD increase in top line revenues within 14 months
• Bridged the gap between business and technology ensuring common understanding and alignment of business/technology including functional elicitation for business needs and non-functional requirements to ensure for scalability, reduce constraints and promote quality.
• Led the partnership and marketing campaign because of a business case my team designed and presented to the British Computer Society which improved revenue by over 35% and increased BCS clients by over 200%


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