About Candidate





2021 to 2022
Toronto School of Management

Diploma in Data Analytics and ML and GUI tools like power bi and tableau


Mechanical Engineering

National Institute of Technology Calicut

Engineering bachelor in Mechanical field

Work & Experience

January 1, 2022
Local Grown Salads

 Implementing Power BI Tools – power bi desktop, power pivot, power query, power view, power map, power bi dashboard, calculated columns and calculated measures using DAX, data modeling.  Periodic reporting is done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, which helps the client by using the reporting Services (SSRS), POWER BI  Created various types of charts like Heat Maps, Geocoding, Symbol Maps, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Tree Maps, Gantts, Circle Views, Line Charts, Area Charts, Scatter Plots, Bullet Graphs and Histograms in Table Desktop, Power BI, and Excel to provide better data visualization.  Coordinated and participated in weekly estimation meetings to provide high-level estimates for backlog items.  Expert in generating on-demand and scheduled reports for business analysis or management decisions using SQL Servers Reporting Services (SSRS) and POWER BI.  Created complex SQL stored procedures, Triggers, Functions, Views, Indexes in SQL Server 2016.  Expert on Microsoft Power BI reports dashboards and publishing to the end-users for executive-level Business Decision.  Implementing AWS cloud-based AI modules for Vertical farming.  Designing a data flow architecture from embedded system (Sensors and Arduino) to AI module by using the AWS services.  Sensor data of vertical farms are sent to cloud using MQTT broker. Creating an instance using EC2 VM where the sensor data is parsed and send to time series database(influx).  Real-time data is used for analyzing overall performance of systems of LGS ecosystem using ETL tool like Prometheus and Grafana.  Review quality and definitions of data from sensors and data management tasks in the Ecosystem  Data collection, data cleaning, data mining, developing ML models and visualizations using AWS Sage Maker Translating and storytelling analytical insights to business solution for Management to real decisions

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